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i need more eljay friends. osama gets all the love. anyone have any ~kewl~ communities i can join? i need to whore myself around, who cares if i get internet transmitted diseases *LOL* i'm too funny, and it's just 10 in the morning! neways i just watched the biggest douche in the universe episode of south park ROFLZ i only downloaded it to see the rob schneider movie previews.
ROB SCHNEIDER IS A CARROT!!! i've been thinking of making my lj f/only. my entries are lacking and it's only because i've been too conscious about who's reading this. i mean these are my DEEPEST n most *personal* thoughts. whutev, knowing me i won't do it. hehehehe. ughughugh it's way 2 early to be signing shit, i just woke up and i can't have my nap untill l8er. wtf. and my maid didn't even bake my daily batch of cookies how i wanted them. soft and warm and gooey like osama's...UGH dumb bitch, i knew i shouldn't have fired maria, hispanic help is the hardest to find and best to have...

neways, i'm bored and ~shite~ so fill out this kewl survey i made up. i'd like to know more about my country.

what is ur name:
where were you born:
where do u live now:
if ur a whitey what's ur background:
favorite band:
favorite music genre:
favorite type of cookie:
what's ur favorite thing about me:
do you hate signing documents?: (I SURE FUCKING DO)
what color should i dye my hair?:
do you think it's great that me and osama got back 2gether4ever?:
why or why not:
last show you went to:
favorite anime: (if you don't like anime what cartoon?)
have you ever spied on your neighbor next door with a telescope?: (not that i have but j/w)
favorite song:
any piercings:
if u do have some plz share pictures:(i especially <3 stretched ears!)
what do you think of our new friend saddam? WHO NEVER UPDATES HIS LJ BTW

hmm i think that's all

l8er guys~
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